Welcome, I’m Jane Ferderer – Rebuilding Pathways Life Coach. I help women entrepreneurs create successful strategies to increase profits. Working with my clients to develop a plan to increase sales and decrease costs. Together following their vision, setting obtainable goals to create the abundant success they desire. I offer sessions over the phone and in person.

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Negative Verse Positive in the Work Place

Whether you are the employer or the employee I’ m certain at some point in your life you have experienced this.  The negative demeanor of one person can spread like wild fire through a company. When another person speaks poorly of a fellow employee, boss, supervisor or simply the company that writes their check.  This … Continue reading Negative Verse Positive in the Work Place

Life Coaches Transforming Lives

You may wonder what is it they do?  Would you want to hire one?  Perfectly good questions.  I too wondered they very same thing before hiring one. People hire a coach because they are looking for change or have goals they are trying to achieve and they are motivated to go to the next level.  … Continue reading Life Coaches Transforming Lives

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