Negative Verse Positive in the Work Place

Whether you are the employer or the employee I’ m certain at some point in your life you have experienced this.  The negative demeanor of one person can spread like wild fire through a company.

When another person speaks poorly of a fellow employee, boss, supervisor or simply the company that writes their check.  This can cause a negative impact on the business and moral.

Firstly, being around such people will bring your energy level and contentment down.  The negativity is contagious. and soon others will be drawn in and start behaving the same way.  Take a rumor for example, this negative story draws people in and they start to participate.

Secondly, the productively will drop as this person will coast.  Doing as little as possible while telling others to do the same so they don’t look bad.  Also, if they are working with customers this will drive the customers away.

Lastly, who wants to be around this person.  This may cause staffing turn over.  Employees wanting to get away from this person may end up sick or on a stress leave.

We all know this happens.  The question is what to do with it to stop the poison.

The employer can call this person out on their conduct at work.  Letting them know they will not tolerate it and if the employee is that unhappy with where they work a suggestion to find a different job that would be more fulfilling for them could be an option.  It simply may be a bad fit and it is time to move along.  If it is a fellow employee having that talk with them yourself could have an impact.  Simply pointing out that it appears that they are unhappy with their job or place of employment and if that doesn’t work, kill them with positive kindness.  By the employer having weekly or bi-weekly team meeting can assist in team building.  Have the group focus on solutions to problems that arise.  Bottom line is poison in the work place needs to be fixed or removed.

When employees are happy it makes the workplace a fun and positive place to be.  In turn increasing productivity, sales, loyalty and happiness.  This is a win for everyone.

Jane Ferderer

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