Manifest Your Desire

Once you have a clear vision for your purpose or goal you want to achieve you can begin this process. The starting point is an idea, a creative thought that you feel passionate about and have a burning desire to acquire.  We all have been told at some point to make a wish while blowing out the candles on our birthday cake. How many of those wishes come true? Have you ever wished upon a star? Wishes will not help you achieve your goals
I have complied information from various sources, they all wrote about this very thing, manifesting our desire through our subconscious mind. Some of this information was shared some 80 years ago when, Napoleon Hill publish the first edition, Think and Grow Rich in 1937. The very steps he lays out in the book can not only assist you to obtain the riches you desire but anything your mind can visualize. The human brain is like a magnet. The unconscious mind cannot tell the difference between a story you are telling it and reality.
Here are steps to take to write a clear concise statement to manifest your desire:
1. Choose your story wisely with the power of your positive thought already living that story.
2. What exactly is your burning desire, what do you want to obtain. It can be money, job, promotion, love, anything you desire. Be specific with each goal you set.
3. What are you willing to give in return? Is it your terrific services, is it bettering someone else’s life or is it love?
4. Pick a definite date you will obtain your desire.
5. Decide on a plan to carry out your desire.
6. Write out a clear and concise statement and then read it aloud morning and night. Be persistent! As you read it, believe it, feel it, visualize it as though you already have obtained your goal.
I can a test that this visualization works. I have used it in many aspects of my own life. I have witnessed other use it successfully too. It is by far one of the most powerful tools to manifesting your desires to obtain what you are looking for.
While providing my clients with world-class support I walk them step by step using strategies to see the maximum results they desire. Turning fear into strength and watching them blossom into powerful, motivated beautiful beginnings. Transforming lives and providing organized knowledge to solve major business challenges. I am very passionate about giving back and helping others live the wondrous life they desire. For more information do not hesitate to contact me.

Jane Ferderer – Transformational Life Coach

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