It’s that time of the year again, 2018 is fast approaching. We start to ponder over the past year and look to set goals for the New Year to come. Pondering is great however, don’t spend much time looking back. Learn from mistakes made, forgive yourself or others if needed and be grateful for your life. That is just it. Life is a gift and we can take it for granted if we are not careful.   Sometimes the biggest disappointments have the greatest lessons or rewards. The question is what’s next?
What do you want for your life in the year to come and onward?
• Freedom to Support Yourself
• A New Job
• Furthering your Education
• Free from Abuse
• Free from Addiction
• Less Stress
• Over-coming Fear
• Forgiveness
• Healing
• Better Organization
• Healthy Happy Relationship’s
• Good Health
• Great Fitness
• Over all Happiness
• Love
• Prosperity

The waiting is over and the time is now to take action.  You don’t need to wait until the New Year you can start today!  With the assistance of a Life Coach you will construct an action plan and get started.  The Coach will hold you accountable to the completion of your steps towards your goals.  For a complimentary  30 minute coaching session email Jane today at rebuildingpathwayscoaching@gmail.com

Negative Verse Positive in the Work Place

Whether you are the employer or the employee I’ m certain at some point in your life you have experienced this.  The negative demeanor of one person can spread like wild fire through a company.

When another person speaks poorly of a fellow employee, boss, supervisor or simply the company that writes their check.  This can cause a negative impact on the business and moral.

Firstly, being around such people will bring your energy level and contentment down.  The negativity is contagious. and soon others will be drawn in and start behaving the same way.  Take a rumor for example, this negative story draws people in and they start to participate.

Secondly, the productively will drop as this person will coast.  Doing as little as possible while telling others to do the same so they don’t look bad.  Also, if they are working with customers this will drive the customers away.

Lastly, who wants to be around this person.  This may cause staffing turn over.  Employees wanting to get away from this person may end up sick or on a stress leave.

We all know this happens.  The question is what to do with it to stop the poison.

The employer can call this person out on their conduct at work.  Letting them know they will not tolerate it and if the employee is that unhappy with where they work a suggestion to find a different job that would be more fulfilling for them could be an option.  It simply may be a bad fit and it is time to move along.  If it is a fellow employee having that talk with them yourself could have an impact.  Simply pointing out that it appears that they are unhappy with their job or place of employment and if that doesn’t work, kill them with positive kindness.  By the employer having weekly or bi-weekly team meeting can assist in team building.  Have the group focus on solutions to problems that arise.  Bottom line is poison in the work place needs to be fixed or removed.

When employees are happy it makes the workplace a fun and positive place to be.  In turn increasing productivity, sales, loyalty and happiness.  This is a win for everyone.

Jane Ferderer



Life Coaches Transforming Lives

You may wonder what is it they do?  Would you want to hire one?  Perfectly good questions.  I too wondered they very same thing before hiring one.

People hire a coach because they are looking for change or have goals they are trying to achieve and they are motivated to go to the next level.  A life with more fulfillment, balance, healthy love, good health, financial freedom, success in business and careers.

Most coaches will specialize in a specific area of coaching.  A niche they are passionate about.  Together they will tap into your inner wisdom, following your vision, setting obtainable goals to create the abundant success you desire. While holding you accountable to the completion of them to build business, increase profit, decrease cost, maintain balance and good health, all well improving self-confidence.

The relationship between the coach and client unleashes the miracle of transformation allowing the light within you to shine bright

Jane Ferderer  @ Rebuilding Pathways Coaching



Services Increase Profits

Starting or growing a business poses various challenges. Bottom line is we all want or need to make a profit. The amount of profit needed will vary from person to person. Through setting goals and strategic planning one can have the abundance they desire. Over the next few weeks I am going to share with you how I turned my small business into a large corporation.

In today’s blog, I am going to talk about relationship and credibility in business. All aspects of our entire life start with the relationships we have and built along this journey. How we treat people is noticed. This is important in business too!

1.Passion and Confidence
Speaking confidently and passionately about your business. Whether it be the products you are selling or the service you are providing. How do you relay to the world what you do? Does it shine through to your customers? Ever notice when speaking to someone that is jazzed up about something how they seem alive with enthusiasm, the passion shows through.
Who are your customers? How well do you know them? Do you ask questions about their world? Being genuinely interested will show through. Even the unspoken word shows through. Your body language tells a story before you even speak.
Respectful communication with your employees is just as important as the customers. How we interact and communicate to others shows the world a bit of who we are.
Being Impeccable to your word builds the credibility that a strong business needs. What makes you stand out from your competition? Returning phone calls, making time for each customer by speaking authentically to them and staying true to promises made.
Lastly, what do the customers say about you and the service or product they received? Reputation is everything, it builds the business to further the growth.
Great profit can be made in business without spending a dime. The relationships we build through our impeccable credibility will go along way.

Jane Ferderer Coach

Rebuilding  Pathways Coaching

Success in Business Planning

When starting or growing your business to that next level a well-structured plan needs to be in place. Setting goals, objectives and knowing your financial needs is all important. However, the follow through will send you on your way to achieve the abundant profit you so desire and deserve.
How will you get where you are going and successfully meet your goals and objectives?
1. What does your 3 to 5-year plan look like? With enough profit made it could include expanding your business, purchase of equipment, vehicles or real-estate.
2. How does your 1 year plan play out? With a lot of hustle, you can accomplish various things to increase profits in just one year.
3. What will be your goals for next week and how are you going to achieve them?
Success in business requires strategic planning. Hiring a Coach can assist in this process. Sometimes just having someone to hold you accountable to follow through to completing goals and objectives helps tremendously.
A well thought out plan includes the following:
• How to build client base
• How to increase sales
• How to decrease costs
• How to increase productivity of staff
• How to develop new product lines
• How to create success in marketing and networking
• How to create effective advertising
• How to improve customer service
• How to team build with employees
The list could go on and on. The real question is what is your successful business plan and how are you going to implement it? If you need assistance hire the coach that best fits your needs.

Jane Ferderer-Rebuilding Pathways Coaching